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Please enter your search criteria below. Enter the last name in the first box labeled "LastName". If you know the first name of the person you are looking for, or have the first initial, enter it in the second box labeled "FirstName". If you aren't sure of the correct spelling of the last name, you can perform a search by partial last name. For example: "Weiser" could be entered into the "LastName" column as "Weis". This is also a good way to search by the variant spelling of a last name. Remember, by doing a partial search your results will be very broad, so it is important to narrow your search as much as possible.

LastName FirstName

AdamBaby Boy  11/25/1896 12:00:00 AM1694
AdamBaby Boy  5/28/1894 12:00:00 AM646
AdamMary  2/10/1899 12:00:00 AM305
AdamBaby Boy  3/22/1895 12:00:00 AM305
AdamBaby Boy   7/17/1895 12:00:00 AM844
AdamBaby Girl  10/28/1897 12:00:00 AM1360
AdamBaby Girl  6/14/1903 12:00:00 AM917
AdamBaby Girl  10/14/1902 12:00:00 AM1622
AdamBaby Girl  12/27/1902 12:00:00 AM1930
AdamBaby Girl  8/23/1901 12:00:00 AM1192